I am a visionary, strategic, and digitally informed thought leader, leaning on 25+ years of business technology leadership in professional services within the building design and construction industry.

My expertise and experience guides building industry stakeholders - building owners, design firm owners, construction firm owners - on their ongoing growth and success based in an evolving digital strategy for their processes of design, delivery, operations, and management.

embrace the digital technologies that POWER your business

In many organizations, digital technology is viewed as both a challenge and an opportunity. This reflects the fact that while effective digital technology has become an absolute prerequisite for organizational growth and success, many business owners and executives are still looking to get a firmer grip on digital technology matters.

In short, organizations need to bring digital technology into the business mainstream.

your trusted digital strategist

I will show you and your organization how to better understand, align and integrate digital technology capabilities with your strategic and operational goals. I will focus on how to maximize the value of your digital technology investments.

I will help you build a strategic digital technologies playbook based on the strategic direction of your business. I will work with you and your team to define and drive the engagement.

Darren J Rizza circa 2015